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Performance Campaigns Case Study

Our Client’s Challenge

Our client already has highly trained, high-performing staff. Initial discussion revealed that skill or knowledge gaps were not the problem. Instead, staff were displaying a range of behavioural and attitudinal issues arising from a massive organisational restructure undertaken two years earlier. When taken individually, these behaviours were minor, but when considered at scale, the opportunity for improvement was significant. Faced with existing high standards, something different was needed.

James Stack

Obvious Choice

AAfter years of putting up with cumbersome LMS technology, learning professionals are finally catching up with our marketing mates. Big data, performance campaigns & analytics are powering our way forward.”

Our Approach

How do you improve KPIs that are already in the mid to high 90th percentile? Performance campaigns are powerful initiatives to create a workplace culture ripe for business success. Using an evidence-based approach, performance campaigns identify what the business is trying to achieve, what obstacles block achievement, and what behaviours are needed for success.

Performance Campaigns position employees as performers and supervisors as coaches. This dual carriageway approach establishes the habits for high performance.”

The Outcome

Using a different behavioural theme each month our client reduced wastage by almost 90 per cent and rework by a staggering 95 per cent.

Could your business benefit using a Performance Campaign?

  • Assess your organisational maturity to shift focus away from formal learning events to Performance Campaigns.

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