Digital Learning Strategy

We transform learning to drive improved levels of performance.

It’s time to move from LMS to MLS.

elearning Decline

11 experts predict a shift to what we use in our personal lives (YouTube, etc), parody with new tools and technology, and the move to new models and skills.

Current State

We’re just about to implement or change LMS… Oh dear! LMS technology is so old and locked into a digital learning standard dating back to 2001.

Years of introducing a spider web of trends like social, gamification, micro learning, augmented and virtual reality has left us with a wicked problem – limited insight about the learning moments that lead to high performance.

Reflect on the blistering pace of technology advancement since 2001. Why would anyone in a world of big data settle for a technology that records scores and completions?

Each year organisations invest $200 billion in eLearning courseware and LMS technology with no evidence of behavioural change or return on business investment.”

Future State Roadmap

Before moving forward with learning trends and technology, reflect on the requirement for a Digital Learning Strategy.

Our digital learning strategy will set a roadmap for transforming learning and development and ultimately your business.

Founded on five key pillars, our Digital Learning Strategy will have you questioning old ways and considering how to transition to:

  • A performance ecosystem

  • Contemporary learning

  • Design thinking

  • Open and flexible technologies

  • A digital searchable library at the core of your business.

The LMS won’t meet the needs of your business.

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