Build and deliver cost effective, highly targeted learning

  • Attention is a finite resource

    Even 15-minute modules are sometimes too much for today’s time-poor employees.

  • Meet employee expectations

    Innovative apps and social media have raised the bar for online experiences, and training must keep up to be effective and engaging.

  • Efficient, effective and delivering business outcomes

    Employees access content when they need to learn something new or remember something important.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is short form content that takes between 1 - 5 minutes to consume. It can be any media format including text, graphic, video or audio. Microlearning is different to traditional elearning content. It takes less time to create, is easier to consume and focuses on a single concept per resource.

The benefits of microlearning are numerous. It supports employees with small pieces of content when they need to learn something for the first time or revisit content just in time. This means less time away from work sitting in training sessions. 

Shorter microlearning experiences served up regularly or available on demand leads to better business outcomes than eLearning or classroom training content.  This is because attention is a finite resource. We're most attentive when we need to learn something to confidently complete a task at work. 

microlearning content on a mobile device


The real value of microlearning resources is their versatility. A piece of microlearning can be curated into a playlist of structured learning or reused as a performance support tool.  

Microlearning content can easily be updated when things change.

Microlearning is a training content strategy that delivers resources to learners in short, highly targeted sessions of 1 to 5 minutes in duration

Examples of Microlearning formats

No matter the format used, interactive or not, microlearning shouldn't take more than 10 mins (at the most) to complete, with an ideal duration of approximately 1 to 5 minutes. 

Completing little bits of training content often keeps knowledge and skills up to date.





"You can create a culture of continuous learning and improvement within your organisation by adopting a microlearning content strategy.

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Microlearning Design Planner

Microlearning works as it is engaging, laser focused, convenient, fits within the flow of work, and doesn't feel like a chore for busy employees.


Our design team has put together an infographic to visualise the value of microlearning.

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