Getting started with xAPI – Melbourne

Getting started with xAPI – Melbourne

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February 19 - 09:00 AM


February 20 - 05:00 PM

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xAPI Think Tank

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Level 20, Abell Boardroom 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

Melbourne, Vic, AU, 3000

This program suits any Learning and Development professional keen to ‘re-think’ learning by leveraging xAPI. Activity stream technology runs the big data world and xAPI is activity stream tech for learning.

Over the course of a two day workshop, participants will:

1. Explore the immediate and potential benefits of xAPI

2. Evaluate an xAPI ‘Use-case’

3. Practice reading & writing ‘human-readable’ xAPI activity statements

4. Explore xAPI vocabularies (already in use)

5. Identify what questions xAPI data needs to answer (start with the end in clear view)

6. Write xAPI activity ‘statements’ to help answer the questions

7. Critique questions & companion xAPI activity statements (written by others)

8. Identify potential activity statement providers in your workplace

9. Unpack the components of an xAPI learning ecosystem

10. Learn how to get the most out of a Learning Record Store

11. Explore how to use analytics & visualisations to create answers to questions

12. Identify ‘open source’ ecosystem options

13. Create an xAPI ‘shopping list’ and roadmap.