Continuous Learning Lab – Melbourne

Continuous Learning Lab – Melbourne

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February 11 - 08:30 AM


February 12 - 05:00 PM

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Continuous Learning Laboratory

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Level 20, Abell Boardroom 31 Queen Street, Melbourne, Vic 30000

Melbourne, Vic, AU, 30000

This program is for any Learning and Development professional wanting to connect performance and learning.

Over two days you’ll learn how a performance focused 6 step methodology and an xAPI ecosystem can deliver measurable improvements in performance, transforming both the way learning happens across the organisation and the value L&D delivers to the organisation.

During the ‘laboratory’ participants:

1.       Identify and analyse a workplace performance issue

2.       Develop a companion data model describing ‘ideal’ performance

3.       Develop personas describing people who deliver the performance outcome

4.       Adapt motivational models to match personas

5.       Create experiential learning journeys to bridge performance gaps

6.       Curate learning resources to drive journeys

7.       Connect resources, journey and digital experience to a data model

8.       Plan learning journey

9.       Evaluate options to measure impact and scale.