Make informed learning investment decisions based on data.

iPhone Baseline

Baseline asks users to subscribe to a series of micro learning experiences.

Baseline automates the distribution and delivery of experiences to the users’ inbox every day.

Each experience is mobile responsive which supports consumption on the go.

The micro learning experiences are designed to optimise data collection using xAPI. The data collected is stored in a Learning Record Store and interrogated for actionable insights.
Baseline Interface Android

Baseline is run as a service.

You switch it on and off when you need.
It doesn’t require installation or integration.

At the end of the experience your business can identify the following:

Point Angle
  • Expert performers and those that are struggling

  • Gaps across skill, knowledge and behaviours

  • Resource effectiveness

    What resource type is going to help your workforce succeed faster

  • Confidence levels

  • Engagement data in a digital learning environment

  • Levels of self directed learning readiness

  • Recommendations and advice from end users

Baseline identifies gaps in:

  1. Regulatory compliance knowledge
  2. Product knowledge
  3. Management, sales and business processes
  4. Core behaviours and habits needed to protect and grow your business
  5. Leadership proficiency

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