• We're not playing the game - We're changing it!

For a long time the game everyone was playing focused on eLearning courseware. Content screens and ‘Next’ buttons.

We're not playing the game,
we're changing it!

At Obvious Choice we are focussed on a new game…
one based on learning ecosystems and xAPI.

Ecosystems track formal,
informal, social and experiential learning…
all the moments that build capability.

Our game changing technology leverages the xAPI education standard


Rethink your learning and understand performance

Insight Program

Explore the benefits of your own learning ecosystem without risk or high up-front costs.


Bespoke Ecosystem

Our ecosystem blueprint guides the way we work with your innovators and intrapreneurs to develop a game changing platform.


Start a new learning conversation

08 8363 4003

Contact us to discuss your learning ecosystem | 08 8363 4003

From Learning Events to Performance Campaigns Webinar

12:30pm EST Thursday 25th of August

A 30 minute case study discussion on the problem with formal ‘sheep dipped’ learning events and the alternative for L&D – performance campaigns. In this session we outline an approach to identifying performance problems and provide a toolkit to durably change attitudes and behaviours.

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